24p conversions with film blur and color correction
Canon 7d ISO 5000 video denoise
This demo shows 24p conversions from 1080i60 in normal mode, film blur mode, and slow motion with color correction and film grain. These settings are valid also for 24p conversions from any frame rate: 1080p30,1080p60,720p50,1080i50,etc. You can download the original 1080i60 video for testing purposes from here.
This demo shows a Canon EOS 7d video shot at ISO 5000, and denoised with Intertake 4k.
24p Slow motion
Demo: 24p slow motion Demo: Configuring video denoiser
Configuring the video denoiser
Video demo showing  different conversions to 24p slow motion from 1080 and 720. This demo shows the direct slow motion conversions and also using the overcrank feature to get extra slow motion.
Intertake includes a video denoiser integrated in the workflow. This video shows how to easily configure the denoiser to get the best results.
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