Automated configuration, easy-to-use user interface with fast preview
This is a very common scenario for most cameras, the upper area of the video is well illuminated and virtually noise free showing a lot of fine detail, but the lower area is extremely noisier rendering the video unusable for quality or professional purposes.
New XM Denoiser m  removes the unwanted noise that hides the detail in your videos. It features intelligent adaptive technology using motion estimation techniques to remove the video noise while preserving the fine detail, producing clean and crisp professional results. Common video denoisers blur the fine detail, degrading your video sharpness and resolution. New XM Denoiser TM  has been developed focusing on effectively remove the noise, while preserving the video sharpness and fine detail. The denoise configuration is fast and easy, the user just sets visually how much noise wants to be removed on luma and chroma components separately. XM Denoiser highlights: Remove high ISO or high gain noise from video cameras and HDSLR cameras Focused on removing the noise while preserving the fine detail to get professional results. Allows to shot video using higher ISO settings without degrading your final video. Features intelligent adaptive technology for easy and fast configuration. Fix noise in videos recorded by consumer photo cameras or phone cameras. Improve also low ISO videos removing the subtle noise. Get a clean key in blue or green screen videos. Easy-to-use visual user interface with real time preview.
XM Denoisert TM   intelligent technology is designed for a simple, fast and easy configuration. The user doesn’t need to deal or learn about complicated parameters, to configure the denoiser just set visually the noise amount you want to be removed using two paremeters: the denoise mode and the denoise strength, and optionally apply a post sharpening effect. The visual user interface is specifically designed to ease the video denoise configuration, it allows to select a video segment for fast preview, view only luma component, and compare the original/denoised video in real time.
Integrated in Intertake TM  workflow
XM Denoiser TM  is seamlessly integrated in Intertake TM  workflow.  After the configuration, the denoise process is added to Intertake TM   internal workflow and processed along with the other settings or filters selected. To download a free fully functional trial version please go to download page.
Original Video - 100% crop
Upper video area, noise free, preserves all the fine detail exactly as original video
Lower video area, extremely noisier, becomes clear and sharp, and shows the fine detail under the noise
XM Denoiser removes the noise only in the video areas where noise is present. On noise free video areas all the fine detail is preserved, and in the noisier areas the noise is removed, revealing the detail under the noise. The parameters used to denoise this video are: High Noise Mode on both luma and chroma components Luma denoise strenght: 20 Luma sharpness: 0 Chroma denoise strenght: 25 Chroma sharpness: 0 This is the original/denoised video comparison on 100% crops:
Video is stored by luma and chroma components, and each component presents different noise characteristics. Also, some users prefer to apply a hard denoise to chroma component and left some noise on luma to get a film look. XM Denoiser TM  allows to denoise luma and chroma components separately helping the user produce accurate results.
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XM Denoiser
Professionally remove the video noise Preserve the detail
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