Interlaced videos may show aliasing and flickering, usually fine horizontal lines flashing. FootageStudio includes two filters to fix these problems: The spatial filter: applied when the output video is interlaced, from original interlaced source or converted from progressive. The temporal filter: applied for progressive to interlaced conversions, computes several fields to reduce flickering and aliasing. To configure the interlace filtering, open the “Conversion Options” dialog from the conversions tab: The conversions options dialog shows the Deinterlacing / Interlacing options. Then simply activate the spatial or the temporal filter, and set the spatial filter amount. Both filters can be activated simultaneously, but for normal videos it may generate a blurred  output. You can use the preview feature to directly compare different settings on the same video.
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FootageStudio™ tutorial:  Reduce interlace flickering and aliasing
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