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Plugins for OFX hosts
Plugins installation
Before starting the installation, close all the OFX hosts. After starting the installer, the installation folder can be selected, the support files will be installed in this folder, by default the Windows program files folder is selected:
The plugins will be installed in the common OFX plugins folder. After installing, the plugins will appear in all the OFX compatible hosts in the Acrovid AI plugins folder:
Configuring the GPU card
To configure the GPU card options, close Premiere Pro and After Effects, then open the Configuration Manager located in the Windows start menu :
In the configuration manager you can find the plugin options :
Select the GPU card to use from the list of detected cards. Press the button GPU Info to get information about the selected GPU card.
Select GPU card
Set the OFX host to 32 bit mode for maximum quality
AI plugins work in 32 bit in RGB and RGBA modes. When setting the host to 32 bit mode, the video gets the maximum quality before encoding.
Known issues
GPU problems
If you experience GPU problems, please update your GPU card drivers to the latest version.
Tips and tricks
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