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User Guide
Configuring SuperChroma AI
SuperChroma AI is easily configured by setting the chroma sharpness. The default vale is 50, recommended for most videos. Increase the sharpness value if the video shows chroma bleeding with the default value. The luma channel is preserved.
SuperChroma AI works with SDR and HDR videos. Select SDR to process SDR videos. HDR processing include several modes: HDR and HLG generic modes HDR modes with nits limiter If your video uses for example HDR 1000 nits, it is better to select the HDR 1000 nits mode. Please note that when selecting a mode with nits value, all data over the selected nits will be discarded.
SDR and HDR modes
AI powered video chroma enhance and restore
For easier configuration, zoom the video to an area with chroma artifacts:
Tips and tricks
The chroma areas without artifacts are preserved:
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