Source Videos Panel Source videos list, import and interpret options
Import and set the video options: Interpret video to modify video characteristics like aspect ratio, and timecode to check and change the video timecode. Shows detailed video information, including aperture,F-number and ISO when available. The video information can be obtained directly from video stream, or from additional file information like in Canon HDSLR series. Set the import options, for instance, a timecode or color space for all the videos being imported.
Processing Settings Panel Settings and filters applied to the videos
Convert Video Standard / Resample / Frame Rate Conversions
Presets for video common standard conversions, to convert your videos directly to a different video standard. Video output size options, to convert your videos to standard HD/SD/4k and custom video dimensions. Video output frame rate options, to convert your videos to standard frame rates. Video Deinterlacing using high quality motion adaptive methods. HD pulldown removal, for 24p videos embebed in 60i streams. Frame rate corrections, for instance, to correct 30p videos to 29.97, the audio is corrected also.
Video Filters 
Film grain, luma and chroma grain. Motion blur, configurable via shutter angle, shutter speed or blur amount. Chroma smoothing to enhance the chroma component increasing quality. Output levels. To avoid washed-up videos or clipped highlights, it allows convert video levels between TV and PC levels range, keeping superWhites. Video Flip. Convert to Black and white. Chroma smoothing. Video filter: Remove compression artifacts. Color space conversions between Rec.601(SD), Rec709(HD) and rec.2020(4k)
Aspect Ratio conversions / Zoom / Crop
This feature allows to change the aspect ratio or perform high quality zoom and rotate on the video. The user interface is totally visual and intuitive. Aspect ratio changes can transform video to and from any aspect ratio, for instance SD 4:3 videos to and from HD 16:9 format. Aspect ratio changes are conformed to ITU-R BT.601 or digital, avoiding frame distortions when transforming SD videos. Zoom / Region of Interest allows for instance to get rid of vignetting or bad corners when using certain lenses.
Color Correction 
The color correction system include several filters to improve the video, and waveforms and scopes, to open the color correction system select a video and press the button “Color Correction”. Is also includes the LUT manager, to manage and preview your favorite LUTs in several formats.
Video Noise Removal
Intertake tm  integrates the new XM Denoiser tm , a professional video denoiser developed specifically for video, focused on removing the noise and preserving the video fine detail. XM Denoiser tm   configuration is done through a visual and easy-to-use user interface. For more information about XM Denoiser tm , please click on this link.
Overcrank uses motion estimation technologies to synthetically generate high quality video frames. This feature allows to get perfect slow motion on any video, from 2x slow motion to 40x ultra slow motion. On a 60p video 6x Overcrank will produce the equivalent of 360 fps video or 6x slower.
Video Produce Panel Video format and options, start the processing
In the video output panel the user can select the video output format and codec, and several options like the destination folder where the processed videos will be saved. Also here you can set the proxies creation mode, and the join mode. The videos can be processed or the user can get a small video preview to test different settings and filters before processing the final video.
Intertake tm  user interface is designed for an easy and fast configuration. All the configuration is done on a single window which shows all the options and features specially organized to make the configuration process simple and fast. The user interface is divided in three panels: Source Videos:  shows the imported videos and allows to set the preprocessing options. Processing Settings: to set the processing options for the videos. Produce Panel:  to set the video format an encoder, the destination and rename options for the produced videos, and start the processing.
User Interface Tour
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The audio sample rate, bits per sample and channels can be converted from original video. The audio can be extracted to a uncompressed file. Also, for bad synchronized videos an audio delay in milliseconds can be adjusted. You can also add external audio tracks to your videos.
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In the settings panel you can perform a wide variety of video transformations and filtering. Just select any setting or filter to be applied to all the videos to process. You don’t need to configure the settings for each video standard or format to process, the smart batch processing autocofigures the settings automatically for each video.
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Quick activate LUT 
Here you can quick set your favorite LUTs without open the color correction system. You can create your favorite LUTs in the LUT manager.
Burn-in filters supports: Timecode Frame number Text Filename
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