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Powerful, Smart and automated video batch processor.
From fast transcoding to complete video transformation: standards conversions, frame rate conversions and corrections, video resample, aspect ratio conversions, advanced color correction , gamma and color space HDR conversions, filtering, denoise and more.
8-bit and 16-bit bitdepth internal processing, supports multicore CPU with 128-bit SSE and CUDA/OpenCL GPU
Supports all video standards SD/HD/4K/8K , SDR and HDR.
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Downloadable video demos for testing
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Innovation and productivity
Pro video workflow
Ready to edit or publish
SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 8k, cine
Smart batch processing
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Get your high quality videos ready for editing or publication.
Pro video formats
Broad pro formats support including DNxHD/HR, XDCAM or Cineform, and wrappers like Quicktime or MXF Op-1a/Op-Atom
Designed for high quality and fast processing, with 8-bit and 16-bit bitdepth internal workflow. Pro Color correction engine with with gamma and color space conversions, 3DLUT export in cube format, and LUT manager to apply third party LUTs.
Support for all video standars and frame rates. Convert between any standard or non-standard videos, PAL or NTSC, interlaced or progressive.
Increase your productivity and save time. The automated processing is optimized for fastest simultaneous conversion of several videos.
Different standards, dimensions or frame rates can be mixed in the source videos, and the smart autoconfiguration will select the best processing settings for each video.
                                  Courtesy of Aquam Films
June 17/2019
Intertake 1.1.179 X64 released
Intertake x64 1.1.179 is released: vertical formats. New pro color correction engine with gamma and color space conversion from several formats and cameras, and 3D LUT export funcion to cube format. Canon XF705 HEVC MXF support. The trial version is available in the download page.
Dec 19/2017
We are accepting payments in several cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple and more, check the order page for more information.
import one, tens, or hundreds of videos in any format, dimensions or frame rate
set the processing options convert, correct, apply LUT, join, cut, resample…
get your videos ready to edit or distribute in consumer or edit friendly pro formats
Online tutorials and demos
Download source and converted videos for testing standards and frame rate conversions
Watch online video tutorials and processing demos
Jun 08/2018
Intertake 1.0. beta X64 released
New Acrovid Intertake x64 is released as closed beta, the public version will be released in next months.
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