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User Guide
Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
Configuring SuperBitdepth AI
SuperBitdepth AI include 3 configuration modes: Preset for 8 bit videos This mode enhances the video bitdepth quality for average 8 bit videos. Preset for 10/12 bit videos This mode enhances the video bitdepth quality for average 10 and 12- bit videos. Manual mode The manual mode allows to adapt the filter strength to the video, from adjusting the bitdepth enhancing strength, to removing posterization and banding.
How to configure the manual mode
SuperBitdepth AI includes a powerful manual mode. Bitdepth enhance/restore manual mode For selecting the manual mode, check activate in bitdepth enhance/restore. Now you can configure the filter strength from 1 to 100 and check the results. Auto extra mode The auto extra mode analyzes the video frame and adds a extra strength to fix posterization and banding.
To use the preset modes, simply activate the  “Bitdepth enhance 8 bit” or “Bitdepth enhance 10/12 bit” modes. TIP: When using the 8 bit and 10/12 bit modes the video may be visually similar to original, the improvements can be seen when applying for example strong contrast or color correction to the video.
SuperBitdepth AI works with SDR and HDR videos. Select SDR to process SDR videos. HDR processing include several modes: HDR and HLG generic modes HDR modes with nits limiter If your video uses for example HDR 1000 nits, it is better to select the HDR 1000 nits mode. Please note that when selecting a mode with nits value, all data over the selected nits will be discarded.
SDR and HDR modes
AI powered bitdepth enhance and posterization/banding removal
Using the manual mode and the auto extra mode
The manual mode can be used alone or with the auto extra mode activated. For bitdepth enhance, lower strength values are usually enough depending on the video source. For bitdepth restoring, use higher strength values. If the video also has slight posterization or banding, possibly it can be removed increasing the regular mode strength, simply increase the strength till the posterization/banding disappears. If the video has medium or strong posterization or banding that cannot be removed using the regular mode, activate the auto extra mode, and increase the extra strength. For the common posterization or banding presented on most videos, the hot spot is a strength of 20-70 and also an extra strength of 20-70.
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