FootageStudio™ tutorial:  encoding to VC-3/DNxHD in 8 or 10 bit.
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The VC-3 / DNxHD encoder uses fixed bitrates depending on the video format, this is, the video dimensions and frame rate. First, select the VC-3/DNxHD encoder in the “Produce” panel :
1: Configuring the DNxHD encoder
The DNxHD encoder can be selected in four flavors, low, medium, high and high 10-bit bitrates. Depending on the final video format, an official DNxHD bitrate will be automatically selected. For instance, if you imported several videos in 720p24, 1080i30 and 1080p50 and have selected “VC-3/DNxHD Low bitrate”, to know what bitrates will be assigned to each video press the button “Codec Info”: When procesing the videos, the final bitrates assigned to each video will be : 720p24 60Mbps 1080i30 145Mbps 1080p50     75Mbps Please note that when selecting the high 10-bit encoder mode , the bit depth can be upsampled from 8-bit to 10-bit using several modes, including dithering or the DCR upsample mode , please see the tutorial upsampling bit depth for more information. After configuring the encoder mode, press the button start to produce the final videos.
The VC-3 / DNxHD encoder only accepts standard HD formats, this is a dimensions of 1920x1080 or 1280x720, and 24,25,30,50 and 60 frames per second. If your imported videos are in SD/4K or in HDV (1440x1080), or in a non standard frame rate, you must convert then before encoding with DNxHD. To convert the videos for DNxHD encoding, go to “Settings” panel, and select a HD conversion presetting:
2:  DNxHD encoder formats
These are the final bitrates depending on the final video format and the encoder setting selected : VC-3/DNxHD Low Bitrate: VC-3/DNxHD Medium Bitrate: VC-3/DNxHD High Bitrate:  VC-3/DNxHD High Bitrate 10-bits :
3:  DNxHD fixed bitrates